Blending into a city’s culture is what most tourists want with as they travel across the world. It simply means that no one really wants to be recognized as a foreigner trying to capture some great moments in the course of the trip. The disheartening element of being tagged as a tourist is that it often comes with an unwanted stigma and a developed mindset of negativity. Although the locals welcome tourists with utmost pleasure, the contrast in culture and languages can bring about a sense of unintended alienation. While most of these people get on board for the trip to have some time away from their stresses, the pressure a new city puts on them could be overwhelming in many situations.

Having a guide to easily assimilate into the culture could help over the period you are in the country. One of the most effective methods to travel as you please is to wear a headphone that guides you through the city’s wonders. The pre-recorded tour can show you the right path to fun and adventures. The guides that are worth plugging in to will indeed offer you a chance to have a different view of the place you are in. Here is a list of the best audio guides you can purchase.

1.      Detour

If you are looking for a path off the beaten track, Detour is the best option. It is considered the ideal choice for staycationers because it offers a wider picture of the city and the destinations suitable for your interests. The personal narratives will lead you to the most noteworthy buildings and neighborhoods. Audio scripts are modified by the app when you enable the location-aware GPS tracking facility. This will change the script according to the site in your line of vision, meaning all the places lying ahead of you will be displayed on the screen, and details will be provided through audio. The greatest benefit of using Detour is that it can be synced across multiple devices in order to call for group tours. Since the app also recommends the best food and drink stops, you can continue with your trip after the meal. You can install the app on your iOS and Android devices for free.

2.      Just Ahead

With thousands of acres to explore in the US parks, you need aa guide to navigate you through the paths to a memorable trip. Just Ahead is the ideal option for people planning a road trip. The GPS-based narratives will provide you with information regarding the history of the structures and landmarks you come across. Auto-playing stories will change based on your location to recommend you the best destinations in your neighborhood.


3.      TripScout

This could be the app you were looking for since it offers you instructions and recommendations to live the days like a local. Those without international data plans can use TripScout’s offline services. It also guides you through all the streets and main squares to the restaurant or café best for your taste. If you wish to flag certain sites for future reference, TripScout marks them for you.